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Any way to mark the timeline with scene (camera change) numbers?

Is there anyway to mark the timeline where the scenes change with numbers so that there's some way to identify a scene that needs an edit?

I don't think there is any built-in way to do that, but:

1) You can click any image on the canvas to jump to the corresponding thumbnail in the timeline.

2) Reversely, you can click an image in the timeline twice to move the camera to the position corresponding to that thumbnail image.

3) If you reaaally want to mark your scenes for some reason, you can add a text element (number 1,2,3...) at the beginning or end of each scene, then set all of the time settings for that element to zero and the opacity to zero (so it won't affect the runtime and won't be visible). Also set its camera position to match the element before or after it so you won't have an extra camera move. The number will be clearly visible only in the timeline.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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