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Is there anyway to lock the zoom setting to 100%

My video keeps changing zoom level even though I'm trying to keep it at 100%. I can't figure out why it keeps changing. Wish I could just get to stay locked at 100%

but this might help:
CAMERA SETTING TIPS for Videoscribe version 2 (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Is this still true, that you can't lock the zoom to 100%?

It would save so much time instead of having to remember to check the camera box every time. Figured it would be a standard function with such advanced technology. Seems very inefficient to not have this built in.

 A small padlock icon beside the zoom number might be a good way to implement that. Activating the zoom lock would lock all existing camera positions for all existing elements and prevent the user from zooming in or out. The lock could flash red if a user tried to change the zoom while it was locked. New elements would be locked at the same magnification as the element preceding them.

Perhaps this question can be moved to the requested features section or merged with an existing topic there.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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