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VideoScribe crashing non stop

my program is constantl crashing.
All my importet image files are under 200kb, i tried reinstalling, reimporting the images, running as administrator.
I have 16gb ram and sufficient free space.

I dont know what to do anymore.
You can look into my last scribe which is almost uneditable because 4/5 attempts to save crash.
The name is "the leadership genius of julius caesar DE" or something like that.
I saved it in the cloud.



Its terrible. I cant finish my work, i'm behind schedule. I have to do everything 3 or 4 times until i can finally save it. I need hours for work that should be done in 1h. Please help.


Hi Florian,

Sorry that this reply may be a little late. I have converted your post into a support ticket and am looking at your scribe. I will reply to the ticket with further information.

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