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Tracking Affiliate Commissions

I am starting to do affiliate marketing for Sparkol. I can get to the Affiliate page and the Affiliate T&Cs page, but cannot find anywhere that reports on my commissions earned. Does anyone know how to find out if I have earned any commissions or not prior to possibly getting an amount in PayPal at some point in the future?

There isn't a place that shows you the amount that you have earned but you can see how many monthly, yearly and one-off licences people have purchased after following your affiliate link by logging in at

To see how much you get for each purchase, go to

To see how and when you will get paid, go to Affiliate terms.

I have looked there previously and thee is no place I can see where that it the case. Does something appear after the first sale only? I can see where to enter my PayPal account email, the terms, the commission schedule, etc, but nothing that refers to monthly, yearly, or one-off licenses people have purchased under services.

Hi Steve,

The number of visits (people following your link) and signups (people following your link and creating a Sparkol account) will appear on after the first visit has been made. In some instances it may take a couple of days to show on your account page. It will look something like this:


Thanks - think I have it now. I will not see anything until after something happens. Some dashboards are there right away with a bunch of zeros all over the place. Thanks. Will get it going!

Hi Matthew,
I would like to create an affiliate link for people to click on, I didn't understand how to do that, could you please explain me how it works? I've red that we all have an affiliate code but can't find it either.
Thanks a lot


Hi Sébastien, 

The affiliate program is currently being updated and you will information on the new scheme this week.

Hi Jonny,
Thank you for your quick answer.


We are hopeful of being able to announce the new program in the next few days. I'll post the details here when we launch it

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