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80% of Scribe missing

I'd worked on a Scribe and made sure to diligently save to folder every few minutes (over and beyond the autosave function). I know the EXACT time I completed the full animation sequence as I was rushing off to the airport, and my .scribe file says last saved at that timing. However when I opened it today, only about 20% of the full sequence is in the timeline, and the rest is completely missing. 

This is kinda ridiculous as I have the "last saved" scribe, I have the exported video with the full animation, and even the imported SVG files in the Library which show that I already completed the full sequence, just that the frames are missing in the timeline. 

Obviously NOT an issue of saving to the wrong place - I only used one computer, saved to folder all the time (did not save online), and have a timestamp that confirms I DID save my final scribe version after completion.

So this bug that Videoscribe seems to refuse to admit exists (I've read multiple complaints/queries on this, and they seem to only point to save locations instead of a bug), has wiped out 80% of my work for no particular reason. 

I've sent in a support ticket but I'm not hopeful of recovering anything, to be honest. Just want to warn anyone thinking of using this - there are major major issues like this which will make you waste hours of work, and don't seem to be getting addressed despite this being an issue for a number of years.

Will update on any resolutions, if any.

If I understand correctly, you saved a project locally on your home computer, then saved a .scribe file to take with you, and you have discovered that the .scribe file is incomplete. The locally saved copy at home might be complete but you have not had an opportunity to check it. Does that sound like what has happened?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Cheryl,

When you export a scribe as a .scribe file, only the last locally saved version of the scribe is exported. When I say locally I mean using the tick/checkmark icon in the save scribe window. When you save a scribe locally in VideoScribe the scribe appears on your projects screen which is the first screen you get to after logging in.

If you export a scribe without saving locally you will get a message when you try to exit the scribe or close the software saying that there are unsaved changes and prompts you to save (locally). If you do not save the scribe at this point the work you did since you last saved locally will be lost.

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