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What!!??? Bought credits, downloaded app on desktop, still won't publish

This is REALLY FRUSTRATING. I have deleted all my other videos, bought in-app credits (several times), followed all the instructions and my videos will still not publish to I have clients waiting to see them. There seems to be no reason why I can't publish. What is going on? The app has no way for me to see why this is happening! Really turning me off this product.

Hi Eimear,

Sorry that you're having this issue with Tawe. When you say that the video will not publish on, do you mean that you have successfully sent the scribe to and the video doesn't get created or that you are unable to even send it to

Hi there,

I am still having trouble with this. My video will not publish. Even when I do buy credits it says that I already have credits and the purchase will be restored. Nothing happens. Also the "Restore purchase" button does not function at all.

 I'm using an Ipad pro. I seem to have lots of credits then all of a sudden - I have none.

Whats going on?


It's possible that the app is having trouble connecting to our servers to retrieve your credit status. What I recommend you do it close the app completely, restart your device, make sure you are connected to a good WiFi network, load the app and try again.

ok thanks for your reply.

I think this is a wi-fi issue- it sorted itself out later. And I was having wi-fi trouble today. I wish the app was able to tell me that it is a wi-fi issue.

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