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Hiding Text

Im trying to have text move behind an object as if it were being dropped into something... any ideas how to do this? it would mean animating the text onto the page, having it move and then make it look it it's moving into an object and then disappearing.. any ideas?

The way VideoScribe works is that the order the elements are drawn on the canvas is determined by their order in the timeline. The leftmost element in the timeline will be drawn first and the right most element last. When an element has been added to the canvas anything that is drawn after will appear on top of it on the canvas. So you can't really have an element move behind one that is already on the canvas; it will always appear on top.

The best I can come up with is to use a morph of an image to make it drop (but you can't morph text unless you create the text as an SVG) into a box and then duplicate the box. I have attached an example scribe here that you can import into VideoScribe.

Maybe you could fake the move behind with scribble outs. I attached an example.

Thank you! for some reason i cant seem to open these files!

You need to download them. Then import them into videoscribe by clicking the folder in the lower right corner of project screen.

You can't just click/doubleclick the file to open, if that if what you are doing.

Thank you! I wish this was more easily achieved with text! The moving text option works Russ, but if it's not great if I'm moving multiple text elements. The Penny option would be good if i was just using an image ( i get that i could just get the text as a png but then i loose functionality!) . 

i suppose there is just no good answer! 

Thanks everyone

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