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Having a sound file play across multiple powerpoint slides that are videoscribes

I have made about 5 video scribes and placed them all into the same powerpoint, however I'm having trouble inserting a sound file to play in the background. Even though there is no sound on them, I assume the videoscribes are still making it seem like there is sound coming from them, which stops my sound file from playing across slides. I was just wondering if it is at all possible to insert a sound file to play across slides containing videoscribes.

You should be able to add an audio file in Powerpoint to the first slide of your presentation and set it so that it plays throughout the whole presentation. Each slide can contain a video that also contains audio or does not contain audio. The videos that are produced from VideoScribe are normal video files and behave like any other video file. I have tested this myself and was able to create a Powerpoint presentation with audio containing scribe videos on multiple slides, some with and some without audio.

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