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Ipad features

Hello, Wondering how to change image options on VideoScribe for iPad. The online tutorials seem to do much more than my iPad erosion offers?? Am I missing something?
*version. Sorry.

The iPad version of VideoScribe does not have all the features of the full desktop version (for Mac and PC). It's designed for making scribe videos quickly and easily but if you would like more editing options you would need to purchase a subscription plan for the desktop version of VideoScribe. If you haven't used the free trial yet you can try VideoScribe desktop free for 7 days.

Hi Matthew, Johnny and all Sparkol colleagues,

Please accept a tip: put more information about what you are basically offering on the SPARKOL website: I.e.

  • the different products,
  • their functionality summarized,
  • on which platform Y/N,
  • by what payment- and legal conditions (or -variants),
  • with which results in terms video rendering and output formats. 

It is not clear at all currently,

I am convinced that this will work greatly to your own advantage...!!!

Kind regards,


See this article for a comparison of VideoScribe versions and features Compare VideoScribe licence features. We don't have similar for Tawe at this time.

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