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No option to upload scribes to YouTube


I'm using a trial version of videoscribe and I'm not sure how to upload my scribes to youtube. I have an account and a channel set up, but on videoscribe there is no option to upload to youtube, so I'm not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.

That was not helpful. Darian and I have the same exact issue. Darian specified she is using the Trial version and the video above states "you must have the Pro version". Not helpful at all. Has anyone answered your question, Darian? I don't even get an option to Share and the Save option is limited to a Scribe file.

I might be able to clear up your confusion. You are replying to a post from 9 months ago about a video from 2016 that refers to a version of videoscribe you are not using.

You are probably using videoscribe version 3, in which some of the icons have been moved.
The current INSTANT ANSWERS tutorial about publishing video to youtube is here: Tutorial 5 - Publish to video or social media

I suspect that Darian watched the video (in the reply from 9 months ago), saw where the youtube icon was, and used it.  Both Pro users and Free Trial users could (and still can) publish to youtube. The process was the same for both Pro users and Free Trial users. Since there have not been a lot of other replies in this thread in the last 9 months, I assume most people watched the video, saw where the youtube icon was, and used it.

The confusing part of the video ("you must have the pro version") meant that only Pro users could render video files to their own computer hard drive with different settings than the default settings. The unclear phrasing has probably been mentioned to customer support but you can mention it again if you wish. Again, its an old video pertaining to an older version of videoscribe, so use your own judgement.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Awesome, Mike. Thank you for your help! Yes, that video did help. Honestly, I think I had 2 video windows and I may have watched the wrong one.

Also, I think it would be helpful if Sparkol would add a button on the screen where you are done with the project, not just inside of the project. It simply didn't even occur to me that it wouldn't be on that screen, so when I came upon only 2 buttons I was perplexed.

Thanks again!  

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