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save changes and watch my scribe from a diffrent pc


I saved scribe both in a folder and in a cloud. On my computer I can't save the scribe, Iven when I log out. I manage to save the scribe at the cloud, but it won't appear when I open my account from a different computer please help me. 

Shirit tal ron

And why am I unable to save changes at my p.c?

Huge thanks,


well i found the file, open it from a dittrent computer, work all over again. want to save the changes at the other pc and again. can't save the changes. im affraid to log out. need help

If you are having trouble saving a scribe, specifically if the tick/checkmark icon in the 'Save scribe' window does not respond when clicked, it is usually caused by an issue with the soundtrack on the scribe. If you remove the soundtrack you should be able to save the scribe. Once it's saved, try adding the soundtrack back on again and the scribe should save normally.

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