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grey lines


I've been drawing images in inkscape and importing them into videoscribe (just basic black line drawings) but sometimes when i import them they are appearing grey not black, not sure what I've done. The grey makes it appear faint and not drawn well. 

normally when i draw a picture in inkscape i find a picture off the internet then trace it

please help

you might need to attach an SVG here that has that problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


if you see the ladies face compared to the wedding couple. the wedding couple lines are black and sharp but the ladies face is a little blurry and i noticed the lines are smaller than the original inkscape picture 

Symptom: SVG that is scaled large looks blurry and strokes seem thinner in videoscribe than in illustrator or inkscape.

possible causes:
1) when I opened the SVG in illustrator it is tiny with strokes sizes such as ".133 pt". strokes of 1pt, 2pt. 3pt etc are recommended
2) The SVG you gave me is not the one in the screenshot, so it isn't ideal for troubleshooting. The SVG you attached has a raster image embedded in it with a huge visible watermark, and a feather on her forehead, both of which show up in videoscribe.
3) Looks like you used inkscape 0.92. Read the following thread to learn why that might cause problems/what settings to try in inkscape 0.92... or just use inkscape 0.48 instead: (warning, long thread)- Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)
4) You could try using a higher default quality setting and import a new copy of your blurry SVG but I think your real solution is going to be in tips 1,2 and 3 above.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


1) the lines are all drawn in 1pt, the .133 is the px (not that i have any idea what these mean)

2) the screen shot is the exact same file its just i trace the picture using the bezier tool then hide the 'original picture layer' before importing it (this normally works although im not sure if its the best way)

layer 1 - original picture

layer 2 - traced outline using bezier tool

layer 3 - remaining detailed lines using bezier tool

3) read the whole thread (installed old inkscape version)

nothing worked

4) im not sure what you mean by a 'higher default quality' please explain

it seems that no matter how i change the lines (thick or thin)  everytime i import the svg its appearing exactly the same. not sure what the error is here 

please help

1)  I think that's incorrect. the file you attached had strokes of 0.133 pt:


2) That's incorrect. The file you attached is absolutely NOT the exact same file in your screenshot, although similar (here is the file you provided. raster image has not been hidden as you claimed/ as shown in your screenshot):


3) I did read the whole thread, I did not see you mention older inkscape versions...and the file you provided was saved with inkscape 0.92.1:



I wouldn't recommend setting the quality higher than about 2000 for individual images or about 1000 for most images due to the increase in memory usage.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Maybe you are repeatedly importing the same image from the "recently used images" menu instead of importing a fresh image from your hard drive.


it seems that illustrator and inkscape are displaying different things with the same file (which probly isn't too productive when trying to find a solution).

sorry i never attached the files i altered later on after changes made with older version etc 

its all good though i read some other articles here about lines being too small and not scaling properly so i opened a new inkscape file in 1920 by 1080 and just manually blew up the picture as it was imported into the new page really, really tiny. that seemed to do the trick.

thanks anyways 

sorry to be a nuisance 

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