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Using VideoScribe for YouTube: Thumbnails

I'm a paying VideoScribe user -- great product. Currently, I'm using VideoScribe to create YouTube videos. 

Is it OK to use the free VideoScribe images (from the provided library) in the YouTube Thumbnails? 

For example, let's say I want an individual image from my video to be transplanted onto a blue background, which I will then use as that video's thumbnail. That's fine from a license standpoint, right?

Thanks a lot in advance,


You could create a new scribe, change the canvas colour to the colour you would like for the thumbnail, add the image and have the timings set to 0 seconds. Then you could render that scribe as a PNG or JPG sequence from VideoScribe and use one of those images for the video thumbnail (so long as the video was created in VideoScribe).

Sorry for my tardy reply.

Thanks for your response -- helpful. Only issue there is adding text / lighting effects, which is easier in photoshop. Will keep that solution in mind though.

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