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adding music intro

Hi, does any one know how to add a  music intro to a scribe? And also a music 'exit' for that matter? I do see the possibility of adding music, but I want it to fade away when my voice over starts and also to fade in towards the end of the voice over

I am thinking about editing the scribe in Imovie and adding an intro there, would that be an option? or is there a possibility in Videoscribe itself?

thankx in advance for thinking along!


Any audio files that you add to videoscribe will start when the scribe starts playing, and will continue to play until they end or loop.

Prepare your script first, then your audio, then your scribe. Any audio editing you want to do will have to be done in other programs.

I'd recommend that you record your voiceover in an audio program and add your intro and outro music to your voiceover file before importing the mp3 into videoscribe. Then add your elements and match your timing to the audio.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Also take a look at the article Record a voiceover

Thank you guys, This is exactly what I did: voice over in Audacity and then creating the scribe, I somehow hoped I could add that intro and outro in Videoscribe as an extra, but I will try to add that in my Audacity file or maybe by editing the videoscribe in Imovie. Thank


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