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Fill to fast

I have an image where I want to fill in the middle. I followed this article:

My image is the USA map. I have it set to 14 seconds to animate. It takes 13 seconds to draw the outline of the map and 1 second to fill it. How can I get it so they are equal in time so it takes 7 seconds to do the outline and 7 to do the fill? I re-did the fill to add a lot of points to slow it down and that didn't do anything.

For anyone reading this I found the solution to my problem. The article referenced says you need to use the Pencil Tool. I was using the pen tool and didn't think it mattered. It matters a lot. One I used the pencil tool everything works great.

Savvy Productions

just a follow up note:

you can use the pen or pencil too. The pencil tools will automatically add more nodes and add handles on the nodes which may give you a more even drawing speed.

if you just "click" with the pen tool to create each node, videoscribe assigns very little draw time to that part of your line drawing.

If you "click AND DRAG" each time you create a node your node will have longer handles on it and videoscribe will allocate more time to drawing that node.

Related thread about nodes (anchor points) and drawing times:
how nodes/anchorpoints/handles affect drawing speed

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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