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I lost my voiceover and I can't figure out why

I created a voiceover for my scribe, exported the video to a .mov file, and have since not been able to hear the voiceover.  I believe that I saved the scribe to my computer and then to the cloud account.  Can anyone tell me a) where the scribes are located on one's computer (I haven't been able to figure that out yet!) and b) why I would lose my voiceover after publishing?  It makes no sense to me. 


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The scribes saved locally on your computer can only be opened by logging into videoscribe on your computer and then selecting the locally saved project from the projects screen.

The scribes saved to the cloud folder can only be opened by logging into videoscribe on your computer, clicking the cloud folder on the projects screen and then selecting the online saved project.

1) If you open your project in videoscribe,  can you hear the voicover when you play the project in videoscribe?

2) Did you record the voiceover in videoscribe or did you record it in another program and import it as an mp3?

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


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