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adding a reasonably large reference list at the end of the presentation


So Im having trouble adding in a reference list at the end of my video. The text box will only allow one reference at a time (word count limit) so that will take forever. The other option I tried was to screenshot my reference list in sections from Microsoft Word and add the sections onto the end of my video as images... but cant seem to convert the screenshot into JPG or whichever other formats needed... Im not a techie and am now out of ideas. Does anyone have any tips please?

Hoping for the best

Natalia :o)

I think the word count limit is either much higher than you think or does not exist at all.
(although really large blocks of text might cause memory problems or might not draw well)
Are you getting an error message?

Use few fonts
use simple clean fonts

if you attach your screenshots here someone might convert them for you.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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