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Scribes Desapeared

Good morning. Sorry about my english, I'm brazilian.... :) I had to reinstall Windows 10 in my computer due to virus problems. So, I had to reinstall my VodeoScribe. But all of my Scribes had desapeared. How can I get them back??

If you saved projects to the cloud folder (online), they will still be there.

if you made a backup of your appdata folder  or your videoscribedesktop folder before reinstalling windows you may be able to restore the videoscribedesktop folder including your scribes.

if you backed up your files by saving .scribe files manually somewhere they might still be where you saved them.

If you have access to a windows restore point from before the reinstallation of windows, you might be able to restore old files, but it might bring back the virus (I don't know )

otherwise, if the locally saved project files were erased I don't think there is a way to restore them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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