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I am a Videoscribe user like you, but I believe i can answer your questions.

1) if you use the trial version, the videoscribe logo will be on your videos.
if you pay for the PRO subscription, the videoscribe logo will not be on your videos
2) if you pay for a PRO subscription you can sell videoscribe projects to customers
3)  you can sell many videos to different customers during your subscription
4) when you pay for a subscription, you will automatically pay every month unless you cancel the subscription. You can cancel at any time. After you cancel you can still use videoscribe for the remaining days that you have already paid.

You can Raise a Ticket if you wish to contact customer support.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Ok thank you very much. Last quesiton, can i use others musics than  these from videoscribe?


yes you can use other music in mp3 format.

legally, you can use other music as long as the owners of the other music have given legal permission for the music to be used that way.


great....I knew for legal permission...for authors choice are créative commons (CC0) ;)

thank's  Mike!


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