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How to Prevent Hnad-Flipping on Custome Hands?

 I've imported my own hands, following the size requirements. However, they flip around while drawing, instead of remaining upright. Does this in the preview and with my actual art alike:


How to fix? Thanks!

I can't  remember if I have seen that before.

Did you import 2 images?
what are the dimensions of the images
can you attach one of the hand images here?

related thread: Custom hand SIZE- Additional insights and tips

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You can import one or two images to make your custom hand. If you only import one hand image you can use it for moving an image in (Move-in). If you set a single image hand to 'Draw' an image (as opposed to 'Morph' or 'Move-in') it will rotate as in your GIF.

When you import two (slightly different) hand images these are used for when 'Draw' is selected on the image as opposed to 'Move-in' or 'Morph'

I've got it fixed now, thanks everyone!

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