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SVG file imports as thumbnail instead of full size


When I import an SVG file, VideoScribe creates a large frame but displays the image as a tiny thumbnail in the corner. On the attached screenshot you can see the original SVG file and the same file imported to VideoScribe.

I tried saving the file in Inkscape using different settings or converting from eps using online converters, the result is always the same.

Interestingly, when I right click on the image in VideoScribe and export, I get the full-sized image back. I'm using VideoScribe 2.3.

Any ideas?

You didn't attach the SVG so I'm going to just guess that it contains some kind of image mask or layer mask or opacity mask or something similar that might cause the problem.

It will work better if you strip out everything except for stroked paths and filled paths.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the ideas, Mike, but I tried stripping everything I could think of from the image, and it still appears as a little thumbnail. I'm attaching a test image here, see if you also have this problem. Thanks!

test.svg test.svg
286 KB
 i removed the clipping path on the belt buckle.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That worked, thank you. Although I wish VideoScribe could handle these files properly... How did you know that the clipping path on the belt buckle is the problem? There are hundreds of paths there, I wouldn't even know where to look. I have A LOT of svgs like that one that I'll be using in an upcoming project...

Hi Terry,

I remembered from some previous troubleshooting threads that masks cause that symptom.

Then I just scrolled through the layers in illustrator and looked for one that didn't just say "path". It might have also had a dark circle to the right side indicating transparency or other effects. Be sure too expand any group folders also to see the paths inside the group.

Its possible that  SVG Cleaner (link in this blog: ) will take out that kind of stuff. I'm not sure.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike, I'll give it a try.

Hi, I have the same problem with the attached SVG file. I can't find any clipping paths. 


Here is your problem:


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