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Uploaded video different

Hey, im trying to upload another video to youtube via the videoscribe software but the uploaded video has a mistake in it. The mistake is not in the scribe video itself, it only appears after i rendered it. Basically the camera on the whiteboard is moving to a wrong position.
How can that happen? Is there any fix for this?

Thank you


This is possibly being caused by a bug where if you have a text element that has 0 second Animate time and it's followed immediately by any other element that also has 0 second Animate time, the pause and transition times are ignored for the first of these elements when you publish your scribe to YouTube/Facebook or any video file (if you're Pro). To avoid this you need to add 0.1 seconds to the Animate time and remove the hand of either element and re-publish your scribe.

Thank you so much! This was actually the case for me.
I used to letters with the same color of the background to move the camera to an old picture.

Maybe there is a better way for my workaround but your solution is all i need now.


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