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Music track slow to start

Hi all,

Sorry to ask yet another question, but I think I've almost got it all sorted!

I've just added a Sparkol music track to my video and it plays fine, but it doesn't start until a few seconds after the beginning of the video. I wondered if that has something to do with the animation at the beginning?

Also, the video is 2 minutes 9.5 seconds long so I chose a suitable track nearest to that length, which was 2m 13s, however the track not only starts late but finishes a whisker before the end of the video.

Any ideas please?

Audio tracks start playing immediately in all cases.

if there is a pause,  that probably means there is a pause at the beginning of that music file. It is also likely that the music faded to silence at the end of the music file.  However that's a guess since you did not provide a link to the finished video or the name of the music track.

-Mike (videoscrib user)


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