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How do to lock canvas from moving?

I guess I'm missing something here.

Is their some VS function that repositions images automatically.?

What I want is for the canvas to be locked into position and then I'll move the image/object to a specific place on the canvas.

No canvas repositioning. No canvas resizing.

No image repositions or resizing

Unless I dictate it.

Would also be great to have horizontal and vertical numbers to know where on the canvas I actually have placed an object.

If you don't set the camera manually, videoscribe assigns a default position for you.

When you have the camera where you want it to be for an element, and that element is selected, click the "Set camera" icon in the lower right corner.

After you do that, the camera position is saved for that element. The camera will go to that position when drawing that element, even if the element is moved or scaled or rotated etc.

You can also select multiple elements and click "set camera" to save the same position for all of them.

-Mike (videoscrib user)

Is there a way to globally lock the canvas position?

No, but if you want the same camera position for all elements, you can put the camera where you want it, then select all elements, and click the "set camera" icon to set the same camera position for all of them with one click.

If you meant something different, you may have to provide more information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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