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Videoscribe Anywhere.... import SVG

Am I missing something or are the Sparkol programmers ?

I cant get access to icloud drive to import custom svg files created in my ipad pro apps (concept, graphic, etc)  

These apps save to icloud drive.  But VS only seems to be able to access the photo folders.   I have even tried to save the svg to a photo folder, but the graphic apps seem to only send jpg or png files to the photo folders.

It would be great if VS Anywhere could work with the icloud drive.   If I work on my pc, mac or ipad I can save my custom svgs to the icloud drive.   The ipad pro is great for sketching out and planning scribes, then creating the svg and then importing to VS on pc or Mac.. BUT NOT ON VS Anywhere !!   


Hi, can you post a link to one of your icloud SVG images?


Hi Mike,

I keep them on my icloud drive, so no link as that is a personal storage area.    At work I use a pc at home I use mac book pro (as a pc and mac) and my totally portable device is my ipad pro (large one). 

Using the icloud app for pc's I can keep any work in the icloud drive and have access to it on any device and platform.  Very useful.

I find the ipad pro apps "Graphic"  (use to be idraw, now re-branded and developed by Autodesk) and "Concept" for svg creation.   I also use "Procreate" to get ideas and rough sketches sorted out.   

 I don't have iCloud drive but I think MAAAAYBE you can copy/paste  a direct link to an image (a URL)

Try this (from a FAQ from 2014 so things may be different in 2017):

Locate your SVG on iCloud drive
  Tap or click Share  in the toolbar on iPad or Mac, or from the Tools menu on iPhone or iPod touch.
  Choose "Share Link via iCloud." Then, choose a sharing option: Copy  (I THINK that will copy a URL to your clipboard...)
  Then go into videoscribe and try to import image from web and paste the URL into the location bar.

If that doesn't work, paste the URL here and lets have a look at it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Was there ever a resolution for this? I just ran into the same problem as Graeme. Kinda surprised that all you can import into vs anywhere are photos...what good are images in any format other than svg?
Google search results for 2018:
Select the svg file on icloud, click  the "add people" button, and then "copy link" (If you need more specific icloud tips, you may want to consult apple's web site.) Then open videoscribe and paste the link into the appropriate place to import the image.

I believe dropbox still works as well (despite the discontinuation of "public" folders). I think you just copy/paste the new
dropbox link then change the dl=0 to dl=1 before applying it in videoscribe.

Please be sure to share your results with either method mentioned above.

-Mike (videoscribe user)
I’m using VSAnywhere on my iPad Pro but can’t find any way of importing svg files from my “on iPad files” folder. Can anyone shine a light please?
I think you will have to place the svg images in your iCloud storage or in another file sharing location online somewhere and import the svg images using a link from the web as discussed in previous replies.

-Mike (videoswcribe user)


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