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Making iPad Graphic SVGs work with VideoScribe

First a tip: As of March 2017, hand drawings with the Apple Pencil using the pencil tool in Graphic produce SVGs that play nicely in VideoScribe.  This is fun to do, though my wife still prefers her Wacom tablet.

Now the problem/question: Those SVG files also contain an undesired rectangle at the perimeter of the canvas.  I've been removing them by deleting the <rect> element with a text editor.  But is there a way to avoid them in the first place?

I performed a Google search for "autodesk graphic transparent background":

"1) Select the Window menu at the top. 2) Select properties. 3) Under properties, change the background from white to transparent"

The answer I found was from 2014 when it was still "iDraw" so  the location of the setting may have changed. check under CANVAS properties too if necessary. You may have to experiment a bit.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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