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1080HD drops some images

In rendering at 1080HD for a 3:28 video, some images drop out starting at the 2:21 and forward. This does not happen if I output to file at 720HD.  Any suggestions?

File too big to attach - link here

Hi Robbie,

Please could you save a copy of the scribe project to your online directory (cloud icon) and let me know the name so I can take a look?

Hi Matthew,

O.k., saved it to the online directory, it's labeled "Vo_Synced_Daimler PM Myth busters" - when output to a file at 1080HD, the red bar I'm using as a continuity device drops out - this doesn't happen at 720HD...

Link to MOV did not work for me but here is a possible related thread with new solution added:

Straight Line Appears too Big, Disappears when too Small

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Logged this one as a support ticket and taking a look now

Thanks much, Barry

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