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Utilización video en una presentacion derechos de autor para publicacion prueba gratuita

Hola querría hacer un video para utilizarlo en la presentación de un Proyecto, mi duda es si puedo descargar este video con la prueba gratuita de una semana, y los derechos de video serían mios, o no.

Downloading videos is limited to those with a full subscription but you can publish your project to YouTube, Facebook or PowerPoint on the Free Trial and share you work that way. To find out how to do this we have a handy short tutorial - How to share your scribe - video

The ownership of videos is detailed in our App licence and user terms

But the short summary answer to your question is:

While you have an active subscription you may use your creations as part of a product you are selling

Without a subscription you can use your creations commercially within your own organisation (advertising on your own website for example) but you cannot sell the video on or include it in a product you are selling.

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