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Image sizes

The thread on how to prevent crashes talks about making sure your images are as small as possible.  But, VS doesn't give me any information about sizes, whether it is the image size I am using or the size of the VS file itself.

So, how do I know how big my file is and other size info?  I can't even find my VS files on my PC so I have no idea if they are 100 kb or 100 mb.

Mike may answer this better than i but I thought I would give it a shot.

The images that come with Video Scribe are optimized for VS so usually there are no issues with size, drawing, etc. 

Where most of the issues occur are images you import from an outside source. For example, I use shutterstock images for a lot of my work. I use Illustrator to do preliminary work on vector images before I import them into VS (a lot of people also use inkscape -- it is free). For raster images I use photoshop. 

Usually size issues occur with mages that were created or edited outside of VideoScribe and later imported on to your canvas. If I edit an image in photoshop or illustrator, I need to be careful the size I save my images at.  If to many images are unnecessarily large it may crash my scribe. 

Recommend  using the shortcut key CTRL-S (windows) to save your work often in case it crashes or locks up.

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