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Trial stage and creating a video


I am a college lecturer and find this an amazing resource to use as a dynamic presentation.

However, in the free trial and deciding to part with my own money, I seem to get lost in creating and where stuff is saved to. It is all a bit confusing. Anyway, I did a couple of trials and it keeps asking me 'open' when it is open, 'save as' and it saves on my computer with and internet explorer icon.

Really want to pursue this but finding it difficult to start.

When you save a scribe you will see 4 different save options. On the right you will see a tick/checkmark icon which will save the scribe in the VideoScribe application and make it available on the projects screen which is the first screen you get to after logging into VideoScribe. 


Over to the left of the save scribe window you will see a USB/disk icon which allows you to export your scribe as a .scribe file and save it to your computer. This is a project file that can be sent to someone else running VideoScribe so they can import and edit it - Import and export scribes. Before exporting a scribe you must make sure that you save a copy in VideoScribe first using the tick/checkmark.

The cloud icon saves a copy of the scribe to your cloud folder, making it available when logging into VideoScribe on different computers and mobile devices. When saving a copy to your cloud folder a copy is also automatically saved locally in VideoScribe.

The other icon is a PDF snapshot which exports the whole canvas as an image in a PDF file.

Me too, I am trying the trial version. The area that is confuses me is when I create a new slide and put few text and few images, then I don't know how to move to a new slide????   I end up with lot of images and scrambled text on one slide.

I hope you understand my point. I want to have many canvases. One canvas with few text and images, then I want to move to another new canvas and then to another, etc....I don't know how to do that. And my images end up looking so HUGE and out of the slide (canvas) area. Please HELP! Thanks

Your camera only shows you one small area of the huge canvas at a time.  The entire canvas is big enough for all of your images and text.

To move to an empty part of the canvas, click and drag the canvas without clicking on any of the images or text.

When you have moved to a new part of the canvas, you can add more images and text.

Adding slides
How do I make a new "transition" or "slide"?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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