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Free to Pro Subscription

Hi, I had recently download the 7-days free trails VideoScribe software version and decided to buy a month subscription for my project. As I am currently using the free-trail version VideoScribe, do I need to re-download the VideoScribe and reinstalled VideoScribe to enjoy the full features of the VideoScribe?

You do not need to download anything else or install anything else.

If your payment has been completed successfully just close videoscribe and then open it back up and login.

If you are able to publish a video as an MOV, AVI or WMV file then you are logged in as a paying user.

If you cannot then you should probably RAISE A TICKET to contact customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


VideoScribe checks your subscription when you log-in so re-launch the application and log-in and you will have all the benefits of a subscription 

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