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background artifacts

Hello! I change the background color.
And then I have a text slide, which appears with the artifacts on the background.


You see that? The blue background is not solid! 
If you open the attached screenshot fullscreen you will see kind of pixelated glitches((

There is a known bug that causes a pale white rectangle to appear around text on non-white background colors. The symptom is more obvious when multiple elements are stacked on top of each other or when using effects like glows I believe.

Might be less noticable if you also use a background texture with the color.

You can probably google search for other threads about this topic for more information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Can you advice any keywords to use in search?

"Background color" doesn't give any relative result(


To save re-typing previous answers you'll find the details in this post -

I'll link this forum to the bug as well so we know how often this is being reported update here as and when a fix is found.


Thanks Barry!!

George, I used "videoscribe text rectangle" (without quotation marks) but I ended up with just Barry's link and one other:


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