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background artifacts

Hello! I change the background color.
And then I have a text slide, which appears with the artifacts on the background.


You see that? The blue background is not solid! 
If you open the attached screenshot fullscreen you will see kind of pixelated glitches((

There is a known bug that causes a pale white rectangle to appear around text on non-white background colors. The symptom is more obvious when multiple elements are stacked on top of each other or when using effects like glows I believe.

Might be less noticable if you also use a background texture with the color.

You can probably google search for other threads about this topic for more information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Can you advice any keywords to use in search?

"Background color" doesn't give any relative result(


To save re-typing previous answers you'll find the details in this post -

I'll link this forum to the bug as well so we know how often this is being reported update here as and when a fix is found.


Thanks Barry!!

George, I used "videoscribe text rectangle" (without quotation marks) but I ended up with just Barry's link and one other:


Has any solution been found to this issue?  I'm trying to make a video with a dark blue background (071433).  Anywhere I have text on it, there is a visible box artifact around the text.  Also if I do any "scribble" effects to erase something during the video, even if I use exactly the same color (071433) the scribble is visibly a different color than the background, making an ugly artifact, even though it should be the same color and completely disappear.  Not only that, some of the element it's scribbling over is still visible, as if the opacity of the scribble is only ~95% or something.

I've confirmed this happens even using the "standard" pallete of colors in VideoScribe; it's not unique to specifying a "special" hex code that's not in the UI palette.

In short, it's impossible to make a professional-looking video with a dark background color other than black, it seems.  All the support threads I can find are many years old.  Any news?

 Unfortunately, I don't think they have addressed this problem yet.

My solution for the text problem has been to use SVGs for the text elements, as mentioned in one of the other threads linked above.

Please attach your scribble-out  image here, if you don't mind. I may have a solution for that.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Here is the original scribble-out image:


And here it is after adjusting contrast and brightness in Photoshop to make it even more obvious where the problems are.  You can see 2 obvious shadows, one that is covering a drawing of an ear, and one that's covering a sine wave and some instruments.  The background and the rectangular scribbles are both 071433, with a 100% opacity, it's a bug that's making the scribbles show up as a different color, and letting items under them show through.


Those appear to be screenshots, and not the actual scribble-out image. Please attach the scribble-out image.

Mike (videoscribe user)

These two new ones (please see attached files below) worked for me without any artifacts. (I tested by brightening a screenshot in photoshop). Do they work for you?

Mike(videoscribe user)

I was using the built-in rectangular scribble from the VS library.  Using the SVG image you uploaded I get the same behavior.  Can still see the outline of the scribble shape, slightly different color than the background, and can still see a ghost of the images that are hidden behind it.  Using the PNG it's close enough that I can no longer see it.

Fundamentally this won't fix my issue though since the text still has boxes under it, and it's not worth it for me to make  PNG image for every text element in my video; would take forever.


Yeah, the text issue is a real problem, and making text SVGs can be quite a bit of extra work. I also noticed that Videoscribe's BASIC font does not create an artifact, which leads me to believe that it is not being handled the same way as imported fonts. Arial (opentype) and Cambria (truetype) both show artifacts against the dark background, as you said. That information does not solve the problem, but I thought it was interesting.

Possibly the scribble in the library is defective, or the color change feature is bugged. I could not figure out how to change its color so I couldn't do a test. (I'm using an older version of videoscribe so maybe I don't have the option to change the color of the scribble, or maybe I was looking at the wrong library image.) The test I did with the two scribbles linked above worked without artifacts for me, so at least that problem is easily solved.

I'm going to see if I can find a thread about the text problem in the suggestions and feature requests forum.
This as good a time as any to request more attention for that topic.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Possible easy solution!

When I reduce the text opacity to 99% or lower, the artifact seems to disappear completely. (possibly 99.9% would work though I did not test it.

Screenshot below has been curve adjusted to make the artifact more visible:


I think another user mentioned this in a different thread. Can anyone else confirm that it works for them?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Now we're talking.  The 99% opacity on text cured that problem for me.  Still have issues with some things showing through when layered overtop of one another, but at least there aren't huge shadows under text now.  Thanks!

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