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Email after trial period offering discount

Hello Sparkol

After completing my trial period (and loving your product!) I've received an email offering a discount to the yearly subscription. I'd very much like to take advantage of this offer, however the link within the email titled 'claim discount' doesn't seem to work. The link takes me to a sign up page with the yearly price the same as usual £96.

The email was sent to me approximately 30 hours ago, and says the offer is time limited - hence my urgency in contacting you. I first followed the link about 4 hours after receiving the email, and the quoted price was the same £96 for the year.

I hope I can take advantage of this discounted yearly subscription fee.

Any help or guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Just curious... did the email mention specific dates or a discount code?

does the claim discount URL match the URL of the page that appears? Maybe it is redirecting because of cookies or something.

also: you should probably RAISE A TICKET

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Chris, 

I can see you replied to the email as well and have had a reply to that already from Jess which should have sorted the issue for you. If you try the new link she sent you should be fine.



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