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Is it possible to edit a video from another account than the one it was initially created on?


I would like to continue editing a video from a different account than the one which it was created on. 

How do I transfer the video from one account to another without creating a version which is un-editable? Is this possible on a trial account?

Thank you very much for your answer,


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I believe you will have to save your videoscribe project as a .scribe file (this process is sometimes called "exporting your scribe" in these forums). Then you can login to your other account and import it using the import icon in the lower right corner of the projects screen.

If you are working on a different computer, you can email the .scribe file to the new computer before importing it into videoscribe on the new computer.

 - Mike (videoscribe user)


(Actual video files are not editable in videoscribe, though. If you don't have the original project files, saved locally, online or as a .scribe file,  you cannot edit the project in videoscribe.)



it is possible to export the videoscribe as a .scribe file, but once I transferred it to the other computer it can only be opened as an .avi file and is not recognized by the VideoScribe Program for import.

How can I make sure my videoscribe stays a .scribe file? Is it possible to convert .avi files back to .scribe files? 


Hi Morris,

No it's not possible to convert a video file into a .scribe file or import a video file into VideoScribe for editing.

To export your scribe as a .scribe file right click on the scribe on the projects screen and choose 'export to file' from the menu.

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