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"I Cancel My "Refund" Request" & "I Cancel My Ticket" Please Give Me A Confirmation Reply

Since I was using the product 1st time!!
Yesterday by mistake I bought "1 Year" "Videoscribe & Tawe" 2 in 1 Subscription...
Realizing that, I Requested & "Raised a Ticket" for the Refund.. "#30037- My Request Number" 
Later on Today I changed my Mind and Thought of Giving these Software's a Try & continue My Subscription for "This Current Year" At-least!!

So just 2 confirm "I Don't want any refund" & I wish to continue the use of the Product till my Subscription expires...

"I have closed my Ticket"
Please give me a confirmation reply "That my request of "Refund" has been cancelled" & "That i will be allowed to continue using the Product Personally & Commercially"

Thank You.

I've converted this post into a support ticket, merged it with your other ticket and sent a reply. Please check your email or click 'Your Tickets' at the top of the page for further information.

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