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Fade an image in and out


I'm working on a whiteboard which clients require an image to fade out at the end of video and a product logo fade in.

However, the Scribe doesn't seem to have an option do the fade.

I tried duplicate the image and reduced the solid by 5% each time but it was so chunky and disconnected. As a result, it created too many layers just to fade one item.

The morph option is not at all what the clients want. They just need a simple fade in and out. Do you have a solution to this issue?

Thank you!

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This feature has been requested in this thread. You should like the original post to give your support to the feature.

the option to fade in, out and over a simple picture is a must.
In all my storyboard this feature is important. Videoscribe could be my choise, but without a fade-Option i see to many poblems with time consuming workarounds (morphing, animated gif).
Pleace update this to your great programm – Thanks from blackforest germany


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