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Free Trial ended early

I saw that the free trial was for 7 days, but it ended on the 5th day before I exported my project. This wasn't how the trial was presented on the website, and is incredibly misleading. Is there any way I can get my rightful 2 days back to work on the project, and to export it? I've already spent many hours on it, and would've considered buying a Pro account in the future, but now I'm unhappy with Sparkol being unable to keep to its promises. 

I'm calling BALONEY on that.

Not sure if the trial period starts when you create an account, or when you download the software, or when you install the software, or the first time you login, but I'm pretty sure its automated and accurate.

Since customer support can probably see exactly when you joined, downloaded, and first logged in, maybe you should just tell them "whoops I thought I had more time! can you please extend my trial for another 24 hours?"

Here's the link to raise a support ticket.


Good luck!

-Mike (baloney caller)

Hello Jency,

The trial starts when you log-into VideoScribe for the first time and our records show you have used those 7 days. I just extended it for you to give you another 48 hours from the time I wrote this. Hope that gives you the time you need.



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