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VideoScribe Edit


I have a video that was created in VideoScribe, which i need to edit.

But i only have it in MOV format, how can I upload the video to edit it in VideoScribe?

Kind regards


Hi Shiraaz, unfortunately you won't be able to edit the video in VideoScribe once it has been exported as a complete video, which is what the .mov file is. If you have access to the computer where the video was originally made, and the video has not been deleted from said computer, you can either edit it right there and then, or save the VideoScribe project as a .scribe and send that to another computer with VideoScribe installed and edit it there. 

Thanks Mike

The video was originally done by an external designer, who does not have the original file anymore.

I have now brought this in house due costs for an external designer, hence why I only have the MOV/MP4 format of the video.

What will be the quickest way to recreate this as I only need to edit the voice over for my video?

I have never used VideoScribe.

Kind regards


To rebuild the while scribe project, you will need to have all of the images that were used in the project.

However if you just want to replace the audio, most video editing programs can replace an audio track with another track. Some can do it without reprocessing the video (direct stream copy I think it is called) to avoid reducing the video quality. You could find out more information about video editing software with a google search

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike

Much appreciated

Kind regards


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