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I have been billed a monthly subsctiprion ( the second so far) which I cancelled

Since I have just cancelled it, will I be given a refund ?

 OR   will I  be able to use videoscribe  THIS MONTH ?The way I see it, if the cancel will happen for this month, then I want a refund.If not, then I want to use it for this month.

Please, I answer back as soon as possible.

this is the members forum.

click the YOUR TICKETS link at the top of this page and raise a support ticket to contact customer support about billing issues.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You won't be given a refund if you cancel your subscription - you are cancelling the automatic renewal for the next month. You can use the software up until the date that the next payment would have been due.

In this case, thank you very much for the reply.I am more than happy to use it for another month but I really want to make the renewal myself whenever I want to.Bye Matthew!

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