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gives error when rendering a video when i pay monthly

hi, I've been trying to render my scribe to a video, for Microsoft, but it is giving me an error in the middle of the process, can you please help me

This could be a possible memory issue when your scribe is rendering as a WMV/AVI file. AVI and WMV files use up more memory than the Quicktime option and if the scribe is large, this can cause issues with the resulting video. It is something we are currently aware of and although we have made improvements to WMV/AVI over the last 12 months, this issue can still occur in some cases.

I recommend trying one of the following solutions:

1. Render your scribe as a .Mov file -

This option is the quickest solution for you.

2. Send the file to - 

This is my suggested solution for you. When you send a video to, you will get an email when the video render is complete. will allow you to play the video in the browser. You will also have the option to download the video as an MP4 file (once you have logged into MP4 files can be played on most video players including Windows Media Player. When you render, if you select the SHARE VIDEO ONLINE option. you will be able to send your video to You will have the option to mark the video as private if you choose to which will mean only you will be able to view it.

how do i post my scribe on, i tried to look for the upload like but couldn't find it 

You post it from VideoScribe on the 'Publish your scribe' screen.

How to render your scribe

To render your scribe, select the ‘Publish (render) your scribe video’ icon image in the top right of the toolbar and select from the options.

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