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How to layer images

I want to put a number of native images next to each other and want to control how they overlap at the edges. I.e. same function as 'bring to front' 'bring to back' in powerpoint. Right now it seems to be placing the image I created last over the others, but when I move them in the script, they start to overlap. I can not find the function where I can pick in which order they overlay...

VS layers objects from left to right indefinitely. You can't change the order of layering any other way but changing the order in which they appear in the video.

Images that appear later in the timeline will always be "in front of / on top of" images that are earlier in the timeline.

If you are using your own images, you can crop or edit the images (in photoshop, gimp, illustrator or inkscape for example) so that they fit together in a way that you like.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I want to have two things happening at once. E.g. WHILE the computer screen is being drawn, the text on the computer image appears. Is that possible to have things overlap? Or is linear the only option?

Videoscribe animates one element at a time.

Layering in different orders still seems to me like a feature that would be useful, as well as perhaps making objects disappear so that the next object can sit in the same spot without the camera moving. I realise that would leave you with an incomplete canvas at the end, but it would be useful in some situations.

 Here's a helpful guide to fading out images using a white object fade-in:

Oh that is useful, thank you.

 You're welcome. I usually import a white square SVG image instead of using the scribble. I think a white square jpg or png would also work. You can probably find one with a google search if you don't like to make your own.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

... or use a copy of the image itself in Silhouette mode (as long as it has a fill) with the colour changed to match the canvas (usually white). May need a little scaling depending on the stroke thickness to be perfect cover but it does the job well

I prepare my whiteboards in VideoScribe and export the video files to a video editor where I get more control over layers, cuts etc... Having the functionality to work with layers in Video Scribe, or like PowerPoint 'Move forward / backward' would certainly save me a lot of time. 

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