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Videoscribe crash when I import a .svg from Inkscape

 Hi, I have a problem, when i want to import a .svg file that i created with Inkscape , videoscribe crash every time. 

Thanks !

Tips for Making SVG Images Draw Well

10.5 MB is ridiculously huge for an SVG.  About 1kb to 100kbs should be sufficient.

I get an error when I try to open it so I'm not sure what you did.

If it contains a bunch of layers that are hidden, delete them before saving the SVG

If it contains a raster image, delete it or replace it with one that is optimized better.

use inkscape version 0.48 instead of 0.91

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Inkscape 0.91 works fine, you just need to make sure that the units are set to pixels in the document properties. Changing this will avoid an issue where the hand reveals too much when drawing the outline stroke and intersecting lines and fill being visible when drawing the outline.

File -> Document Properties… (or Shift+Ctrl+D).

Under ‘Custom Size’ change the units to pixels (px) and make sure the default units are set to pixels.

Oh thanks!  I didn't know that.

Adding it to the SVG tips thread!


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