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How to set scene for multiple images


Scribe draws one picture at a time, and then zooms out at the end

But some of my objects are related, so I need to show them on the same scene before zooming out

For example, I may want scribe to draw a house and kids in one scene

Then in a different scene draw a park and kids

But what I don't want is scribe to draw a house
Then draw kids (without showing house)
then draw park
then draw kids without showing park

So how can I set the objects to show within a scene

Setting the video doesn't work
Because then it just shows ALL the objects

I want to show say two or three objects on the one scene
Then at the very very end, it can zoom out and show all objects

1) position the camera where you want it to be for the multiple elements

2) use ctrl+click to select the multiple items in the timeline without moving the camera position

3) click the "set camera" icon in the lower right corner to assign the current camera position to all selected elements

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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