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How can I get italicized font in Videoscribe?  From what I have heard, the current method is to import an italics font and use that.  (That is a rather silly way, of course there should be an italics option for any text, but that's another topic.)  Well, the funny thing is that I cannot figure out how to import an italics font.  Why? Because all the italics fonts I have and have found online come in a package.  Then, when you go to import the font only the standard one appears.

So, how do you import an italics font, or how do you get italics in Videoscribe?

There are a couple of italic fonts included within VS. Also I can find plenty of italic font .ttf files that are just the italic version. Try searching for the tag 'italic' or 'true italic' on FontSquirrel.

I think the only included font is "basic."  All the others that you import are fonts on your computer, so you must have had some italics only fonts on your computer.  I did find some italics fonts, but they didn't work for me because I installed the entire font, which include non-italics.  To actually get it to work, I had to uninstall the font and then install only the italics part of the font.  (At least that's what I had to do on Windows 7.)

My apologies in the first case, but I still can install singular italic font files myself for use in various programs which don't include other variations. Hopefully someone more wise can offer some better help - good luck!

No worries.  I did actually get it to work.  Thanks, I'd never heard of FontSquirrel before, so I'll look it up.  To get it to work, I installed just the Nimbus italics, and I had to remove Nimbus regular from my fonts.  I'll check out FontSquirrel for italics only fonts.  Initially, I couldn't find any on Google.

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