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What's up with Sparkol

 The last time I asked this, no reply from the good folks at Sparkol. Things seem a little dead. I take a peek at your blog and it seems it is the same thing for months now. Is the blog not being updated or am I missing something?

Any idea of what is coming up next with VideoScribe. It seems we need a spark to keep it alive. Nothing new for a while.

Ok...back to my boring life. Any info to keep the morale up would be appreciated Sparkol.



Ugh, yes, this website has some frustrating functionality problems...

The SPARKOL blog link at the bottom of this page goes to  which has a big empty blank space (at least when I  view it) near the top, followed by blog titles (with no dates) from September 2016 and older...

However, the VIDEOSCRIBE blog is located here: and it has several newer entries. There used to be a link to the videoscribe blog at the top of the page I believe, but I don't think there is a link or button anywhere on this site for that page now. I only found it because I remembered Barry posting direct links to the blog entries about new images.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike -- I thought that was strange every time I clicked the blog at the bottom of the page it looked the same.

I guess the sparkol folks don't want to elaborate on any forthcoming updates. I hope the next one has something new and not just bug fixes. We need something new and exciting to put some sparkle in those drawings.



Hi Dan, We did reply to your last post of this nature explaining why the updates to VideoScribe had slowed down. Since then we have released v2.3.6 and we've also kicked off a project to add 12 new image packs to the free VideoScribe Library. The first 3 packs have been released already. You can see any VideoScribe specific news, releases and updates on

You'll hopefully be pleased to know that v2.3.7 is not too far away as well. We're also working hard on new ideas and we are really close to launching a new app called StoryPix

Mike, Thanks for pointing out the error on we've now fixed that! You're also right to say that the Engage Blog is separate to VideoScribe. It contains more general articles and advice on engaging your audience rather than focusing on what's happening with VideoScribe.

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