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animation of images

I've noticed that there is an image series in the library that looks like it would be really fun to use in a way that makes the character look like he is moving.  When I've tried to do this using the morph feature I get the crazy lines animation.  I just want it to look like the arm is moving as if the character is talking.  Is there any way to do this?

This is part of the series from the library:



Thanks for your help!

those images are suitable for morphing if you want a natural looking movement.
They are intended to be drawn individually.

to successfully morph a character with the arm moving, both images would have to have the same number of anchor points arranged in the same order and it still would not exactly look natural.

if you want to add small animations to videoscribe, then finding or making animate gifs would be a better path to take.

If the images have white backgrounds, you can simply stack each new pose on top of the previous pose (with brief pausesfor each new image) to make more of a slideshow effect.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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