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Painting A Logo


I have been using VideoScribe for a number of years now and really never contributed anything to the community. Mike is always helping out which is highly appreciated.

I'm not sure if what I want to contribute has already been done as a tutor yet or not. My search did not find any.

I'm from a tutor expert so forgive my lack of expertise but hopefully it is good enough to help.

The tutor is on how I paint a logo within the lines.

You can check it out on youtube at:

Or you can download it to view on your desktop at:

Good stuff Dan! Thanks for making it and sharing it.


Nice Dan, may even be worth posting that on Mike's latest image creation tips and tricks forum as that a few keen illustrators already following it so they will get an email alerting them of the new post.

forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs

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