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Lost files - through upgrading?


I have just upgraded my Videoscribe account.

When I logged into my account, only one of my files was there.

Is there a time limit on how long files are available OR has the upgrading process deleted them please?


We wouldn't delete any files and the upgrade process wouldn't do that either.

VideoScribe by default will save your work to the base folder and this is based within the Windows/Mac user profile on the machine you are using so you will need to be logged onto the same computer as the same person to access these. However you also have an option to save to the online cloud folder and if you do this you can then access this work from any computer you log-into that has an connection to access the cloud. You can find our more about this on our Save scribes on your computer and online help page.




I recently reactivated my account from last year.  The presentation I created last year is no longer the most recent version.  it is showing me the project from 2 years ago.  Any help?

in cases like that, people usually later realize that they worked on more than one computer and the missing file is on another machine, or saved online.

Hi Robert, 

Just as Barry and Mike have previously mentioned, scribes save in your base folder on your computer. You must be signed into the same machine, and under the same user to retrieve a scribe (unless they have been saved on the cloud). 


I canceled my account, but i want to reactivate  

 If you are logged in to this website using the same account, you probably just need to click the ACCOUNT link in the upper right corner, log in on the profile page, click the "subscriptions and invoices" link near the upper right corner, and make a payment.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

If you reply to the email you recieved confirming the agreement was cancelled to say you want to remove the cancellation we can do that for you as long as it's prior to the date your agreement expires. If it's already expired then you just need to purchase a new agreement via

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