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In my videocribe it is just showing download content

In my videocribe it is just showing download content.Can you please tell me how to solve it .

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The message on THIS PAGE indicates that the android app is not available for download or use:

 "We are redeveloping this app so it is not currently available to download. Please follow the blog to find out when the new version will be ready." 

Did you download it from some other website?

  -Mike (videoscribe user)


I downloaded from the site shown in the YouTube discription
What youtube description?  Can you provide a link to the youtube video?


We have 2 apps currently available on our Android Google Play store and these are VideoScribe Now and Tawe. Please make sure you are downloading and using one of those as previous version of the app have been discontinued as Mike has mentioned.

If we have an old YouTube video up somewhere apologies for that, if you can post the link I'll make sure it's removed quickly.

 [YouTube link removed by Joseph @ Team Sparkol] this is the link of youtube video that show the videoscribe link to download and I have the same problem 

Thanks for the link Aya, we've gone ahead and asked for that to be taken down by YouTube and I've edited it from your post. 

The Android version of VideoScribe was something available for a very brief window of time due to multiple problems. You can't get it from us anymore, we don't officially support it and I'd be very concerned about the security of any links to there might be online before we can remove them.

Joseph (team Sparkol). 

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