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Not saving when I add a voiceover

When using videoscribe, saving works fine until I added a voice over. When I go to save it freezes and says not responding. I have tried this on two computers, one is a Windows 7 and the other is a Windows 10, with the same results. Please help, sent too much time working on this.

Seems like it is either a problem with your audio file or other problems in your scribe project.

save your project to the cloud folder (without the voiceover) and raise a support ticket(click YOUR TICKETS at the top of this page) if you want customer support to examine it for problems.

or save the project a ".scribe" file and attach it here if you want help from users. you could also attach the audio file here.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


(be aware of the customer support holiday schedule posted somewhere here in the help section if you are going to contact customer support)


Hello Chrysten, glad we could resolve this for you in your support ticket!

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